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About us

Here at The Best Cash Offer, we specialize in doing just that. Getting you THE BEST CASH Offer for your house. We will create a win-win situation among ourselves and all homeowners. We purchase hundreds of houses every year with CASH all over Texas! We are easy to work with and can assure you will walk away knowing you’re getting the MOST for your house.

When you want to know what we will pay for your house just input all the information necessary and we will have a real cash offer in less than 24 hours. No obligation, no hassle and no headaches, just real numbers, FAST. Now in the year 2016 selling a home can be a challenge.  Especially if the house needs repairs or needs to sell fast due to certain situations. With The BEST CASH Offer, you won’t have to deal with things such as financing and inspections, unqualified buyers and a possible lengthy process. We are the answer for your house.

All of our services at The BEST CASH Offer are free of service. No matter what the circumstance, we can schedule a FREE consultation to access your house. The sales process is simple for our homeowners because we make it extremely simple. Upon contacting us, you will receive a CASH offer, not contingent on financing. We can close as quickly as needed and will schedule a closing time that best fits your schedule. We are professional and close everything at a Title Company (What is a title company). Once the title search on your property is finished 3-10 Days (clean title closes quick!)